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We will start your project by trimming the grass from the side of the asphalt and finish by barricading the entrance to the driveway when the project is complete. You'll get the entire sealcoating package!

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The Driveway Sealers began its business in 1993 with one truck, one employee, and less than 20 driveways. Hard work and dedication has turned our company into a well-respected community staple.


Today, it has grown to four trucks and over 1,000 customers including not only residential driveways, but also commercial parking lots.


Be assured that when you hire The Driveway Sealers, you won't be left with any stress from the project. Enjoy the compliments, while we do the work!



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Protect the investment you have in your present asphalt parking lot or driveway with sealing services by The Driveway Sealers.

against harsh winter weather

project through: from start to finish!

Prevent Oxidation

Asphalt pavement is comprised of rocks and a material called asphalt binder. Virtually the minute your pavement goes down, oxygen begins to mix with the binder and it becomes brittle or oxidized, which may lead to cracks and deterioration. Our sealcoating service protect against the oxidation process.

Stop Weather Damage

When pavement isn't sealed, water can penetrate it, causing freeze and thaw damage, base erosion, and eventually failure. Sealcoating stops water penetration in its tracks.

Protect from Oil & Gas Spills

When unsealed, gasoline and oil will soften and deteriorate exposed asphalt binder. Sealcoating provides a barrier to resist gas and oil.

At The Driveway Sealers, we only use SealMaster sealcoating technology. This brand of sealcoating blows away the competition for quality paving of roads, streets, parking lots, and all types of asphalt or blacktop paving.