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Cold and hot crack sealers available

While hot sealers are the most effective, cold sealers can be utilized for minor jobs. CrackMaster™ Supreme DF is our finest cracksealing material, and is ideal for all crack sealing applications on driveways and parking lots. FlexMaster® seals cracks up to 1/2' wide in asphalt or concrete, while remaining flexible at low temperatures.

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Use hot applied crack sealing when:

  • Undergoing utility asphalt repairs

  • Getting driveway extensions

  • You have cracks 1/4" wide or larger

  • A curbing crack meet asphalt

  • Pothole and patching

  • Installing an invisible dog fence

  • Driveway cuts

  • Parking lot and driveways

before and after photo of crack sealing Man using asphalt sealer equipment on driveway spider crack in asphalt spider cracks in asphalt parking lot

We make every attempt to seal cracks which are 1/4" or wider. Crack repairs DO NOT remove the cause of cracks, but they can slow down the process. The pictures above show spider cracks, which we do not hot crack seal. Spider cracking is characterized by many cracks clustered together in this way. This is NOT a defect of the asphalt, rather it is an issue with the base gravel below the asphalt. The spider cracks will progress and eventually the base gravel will work its way through to the surface, either through breakage, or cracks widening.

Crack sealing may be more costly for the owner in the short term, but in the long term it can add value to a property because of its longevity. Depending on the nature of the crack, filling cracks can only do so much - and only lasts maybe one or two seasons. However, crack sealing is considered a permanent treatment - it lasts up to 8 years, or more. In areas where there are drastic temperature changes from season to season, crack filling is truly the only option - it provides a permanent, flexible solution to compensate for this activity from season to season. Look for effective sealants such as rubberized asphalt, self-leveling silicone, and asphalt rubber, to name a few.

Proper sealing is the foundation of a good paving maintenance program. A hot-applied rubber crack sealant will most often be used for best results,

but sometimes in smaller cases, cold-applied filler can be used.