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1. Grass will be trimmed from side of asphalt.


2. Asphalt will be cleaned of dirt and debris with power blowers and brooms to promote proper adhesion of sealer to asphalt.


3. Oil spots will be treated with primer seal to prevent bleed through.


4. Pre-seal isolated cracks ¼” wide or greater with a liquid crack sealer.  We do not treat narrow cracks or spider web cracks.


(See notes on crack sealing below.)


5. One coat asphalt based sealer will be applied to asphalt, according to the following mix:  -2% polymeric additive for added film performance and durability; up to 6 lb sand per gallon for slip resistance.


6. Barricading to be provided by The Driveway Sealers with a yellow banner.

Asphalt Sealcoating Service

Prior to sealcoating, larger isolated cracks will be treated with a pourable liquid crack sealer.  This pre-sealing treatment helps in preventing water from seeping through the cracks.  The crack sealer will not make the cracks disappear, nor will deep cracks be flush with surrounding asphalt.  As the crack sealer starts to dry or cool, the material constricts forming a water-tight barrier in the cracks.  The Driveway Sealers does not treat surface cracks or “spider web” cracks.


When the asphalt is properly prepared, The Driveway Sealers will then apply an asphalt based emulsion sealer.


A yellow barricade tape will be put across the entrance to your driveway when the project is complete.


There are several different reasons that cracks in the asphalt may occur.  Some are the following:  tree roots, poor drainage, freeze-thaw cycles, oxidation from the sun or excessive weight.  Asphalt cracks allow moisture to penetrate the pavement.  In the winter, this moisture can freeze, causing a multitude of more serious problems.  In the warmer months weeds or grass can take root in the cracks causing extensive damage.


Your best defense again pavement deterioration is crack sealing.  By sealing cracks, you can extend the life of your pavement considerably and prevent more costly repairs.

All dirt and debris will be removed from the asphalt by The Driveway Sealers using power blowers, scrapers, and wire brush brooms.

All fresh oil will be treated with petro-seal primer.  The primer helps prevent oil from bleeding up through the freshly applied asphalt sealer.  Primed areas may dry darker.