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Pavement deterioration? Know the steps to restore your asphalt!

Many people perceive that tree roots, poor drainage, freeze-thaw cycles, oxidation from the sun and excessive weight are some of the causes of asphalt deterioration. The defect is actually caused by a failure in the base (gravel) that was applied beneath your asphalt. Crack sealing is the only effective treatment for active cracks that contract and expand from season to season.


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Know the sealcoating steps

  • Grass will be trimmed from the side of the asphalt

  • Asphalt will be cleaned of dirt and debris with power blowers and brooms to promote proper adhesion of sealer to asphalt

  • Pre-seal isolated cracks 1/4" wide or greater will be filled with a liquid crack sealer

  • One coat of asphalt based sealer will be applied to the asphalt

  • A yellow barricade tape will be put across the entrance to your driveway when the project is complete

Increase the value of your home, complement your landscaping and improve your property's curb appeal by sealcoating your driveway.